Monday, 4 August 2008

Polishing user interface

On last week I’ve made a lot of fixes that are improving user interface much. First, this is correct preview of entity. And also a bunch of smaller things:
  • Labels for adapters,
  • Staying in “create” mode after creating first entity,
  • Rotation of an entity with mouse wheel,
  • Fixing a bug when switching recipes.

Also, I tried make to preview (and entity that is to be created) reflect changes of adapter values in real time. I wrote a code that should do the task. It uses standard signal of an adapter. That signal should be emitted on text change event from CEGUI, but that event is never called and therefore signal is not emitted. I don’t know well what can I do with this, but I’ll try to debug it or find alternative way to get that event.

Next two weeks are final. I’ve left only a few tasks:
  • Real-time update of entity with new adapter values,
  • Add “random” element for drop-down lists and handle it programmatically,
  • Small tweaks in user interface,
  • Improving wiki page with documentation,
  • Make Lua scripting provider handle any number of results.
This probably will left some time to do some other small things. Anything that would not be finished could go to todo, ideas or wishlists.

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