Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Coding starts

As I forgot make weekly reports during last month, here is my report of what’s done up to time.

First, I have a working development platform. I learned how to use git. And have needed libraries installed and working—CEGUI was updated to 0.6.0 in fedora repos by my request. And I’m also asking to include libwfut there. This would allow to include ember also. Probabily, I’ll have to become maintainer of those in order to it happen.

Regarding what’s done in scope of program. I’ve learned somewhat to work with CEGUI, OGRE and Atlas in things that are primarily needed for the project. Also created the skeleton application that doesn’t do much of real work yet but suitable for extending right now.

About my time. Last three weeks I had tests and exams. But starting next month I’ll have less dense schedule and will devote more time to project.

On this week I’ll have spare time closer to weekends. I have a choice do work on either widget or scripting part. I think that is better to start with lower scripting part. It is, populate adapters with some stub values and then call a Lua function that will return an Atlas object from which entity is could be created.