Friday, 6 February 2009

Interpretation of old paintings

Pierre Carrière-Belleuse. La place Pigalle in Paris. 1880.

I’m not frequent visitor of museums, but was recently here in Gallery of Impressionists. And it is interesting how old paintings could be interpreted.

For example, this picture. It clearly looks for me as picture from some pseudo-3D isometric computer game. Really, it has broken perspective close to isometric; it has level of detail—only near people have detail faces; it has sprite-alike layout—carriages and people are moving mainly parallel street edges.

Hmm… my mind is too computer-aligned. Need to go for a walk… :)


codruta said...

maybe u can try to focus on other details of the painting, more artistcs let's say, or maybe u should try to paint something yourself and see what it's like, believe me, life outside the computer is really wonderful and u can touch it! best wishes

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فرهاد said...

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