Monday, 18 August 2008

The End

Today was the last day of coding phase of GSoC, so here is the summary of what’s done through second part of the program. During this month, entity creator starting from basic tool gained the following:
  • preview of entity that has to be created,
  • placing of entities using mouse-to-terrain feature,
  • more user-friendly GUI: recipe description, adapters labels, help blurb with note about usage,
  • expanded documentation in code and on wiki page.
I think, development of entity creator shown directions of what need to be improved and refactored in Ember to ease making of authoring tools. This is things that were difficult when implementing entity preview—detached entities and initialization of them using model mapping with all things like proper scaling and rotation. Would be good be to have this as some generic reusable interface.

I would like to thank Erik and all WorldForge community for help during the program and I hope we will work together in future, as there is many things to do for mature authoring tools and in Ember itself.

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