Monday, 7 July 2008

It’s working!

On last week I’ve finally made my program work! Thus finishing goal for first part of program just in time. As there comes a time for midterm survey, I’ll make a summary of what has been already done.

So, at the moment we have a program that can do following basic things:
  • parse entity recipes,
  • show widget,
  • show GUI adapters from entity recipe on its widget,
  • pass adapters values to Lua function that is specified in entity recipe,
  • compose entity replacing placeholders in entity specification with values received from Lua function or from adapter directly,
  • send entity to server.

Regarding on what to do next, it needs at least:
  • improving GUI—like adding title to adapters, etc.,
  • adding preview of new entity,
  • using mouse-to-terrain feature to place entities and
  • improve current code and features.
This should be discussed and corrected after some kind of review of what’s done.

And one more organizational point. I’m going move to the country since next weekdays. Quality of Internet connection there is not good, so, probably, most of time I’ll not be available on IRC/Jabber. Though, I hope, will read email regularly.
And very good that we are using Git—I can commit regardless of connectivity.

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