Monday, 16 June 2008

Tweaking entity creator widget

At this weekend I was tweaking entity creator widget.

I added lists of all recipes to it. When clicking at recipe it creates adapters for it (with static text yet).

I was starting to do it with lua, but find that bindings for some STL classes are not exist and decided to move code that uses it into C++ helper function. I’m going to try to create this bindings eventually as coding this things with lua when proper bindings exist is somewhat easier and faster.

I have also some tasks left: fix lua call context, fix atlas bindings and merge new admin widget into my branch. But I decided to postpone and spend time working on widget. I like it, because of “visial” results available.

So, primary task for this week to do is to populate widget with real (not static) adapters. And on next week, I hope, it’ll be possible to bind values from adapters with entity attributes and create entity :)

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