Monday, 9 June 2008

Lua call context API is usable

During last week I was working on Lua call context API. This work in not finished yet because it still has bugs—some cases are not properly processed for example, when error happens during the call, also, notation that is currently used to convert value to object is not very beautiful:
it needs to be reworked.

Anyway, it’s now quite usable for my task. I’ve made an example code that uses it and gets an Atlas::Element from Lua. But here is new problem appear—tolua bindings are not very well handle overloaded functions, so Atlas bindings should be tuned.

Concerning my future plans, I need to design structure of an application, API of its classes. I also find components/ogre/widgets/adapters and need to change my existing classes according them.

I’m unsure how this structure should be organized, but want to start implementing GUI part and adding necessary functions to API along the way.

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