Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tasks interface exploration

On this week I did some exploring on what is needed to implement tasks interface along with some learning on usage of cycmd and cypython tools.

I started wiki page with specification of tasks interface.

Then, I was trying to do set operation from python task script, but this run into a bug in current python bindings.

Next, I did some exploring on client side. Added sample attribute to task class and tried to load the class in Ember. Basic code like request a class and print its attributes does the work.

As I see, all task handling on client is done in Eris. So, I need to add to Eris::Task class ability to store attributes. That is adding some variables and logic to fill them in Task::updateFromAtlas().

From server side, as it doesn't use Eris, something in Character use operation handler should be made. And also nasty python bindings should be fixed.

That’s what I’m going to do on next week. But Al should enlighten me on what exactly should be made on server side.

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